This two days I've been doing a lot of homework!
but I really want to start a good semester, so I'm
not leaving homeworks for other days & I do it
all on time, I guess it's going to be worth the effort,
& even more because I want to go to Vallarta for
spring break, so I'll have good grades so I could go!!
Yesterday after I finished my homework I went with
a friend to a Tea Bar. I really love it, it's so calm &
cool & classy in there! also the teas are good for your
body! I drank one of mango, my tea was cold & my
friend's tea was hot, we had a good time & talk(:
I took a photo but you cannot see so well the place,
neither the teapot :( is the blue one, I want one!!
you can buy it in there, so I'll save money fot it :D