Songs Sung In French Make Me Sad

Have you ever stumbled upon a website with music playing?  Of course you have.  For the most part it bugs the shit out of me and I immediately turn it off.  And then there are times when they play pretty cello music, or nice jazz.  What I really don't like is music sung in French.  It always makes me sad.  Random, I know.....but I was just thinking about that this morning.

Also, I feel uninspired of late.  The Oscars didn't do it for me last night and not ONE dress wowed me enough to post.  I think I was emotionally detached as well, because I didn't see most of the movies that were up for the big awards.  (Rare for me, as I usually make a point to see them....)

What's on your mind this Monday morning?  Fill me in.

I like this little alcove with wallpaper....

art:  Paul Klee, room: House & Home