i meant to write earlier but became sidetracked~as you do~ and now i find myself tired and needing to get some sleep before i am up early to go shopping with my sister tomorrow.

usually swampy and i go each week but yesterday Pretty Pagan was taken off on a trailer to have a clutch problem sorted.

we are hoping it does not cost too much but we had to cancel flynts trip to the vets for his 'special' operation and my birthday present *sniff*

and of course it is typical as we were just starting to prepare the interior for the little fridge swampys dad had given us that runs off of a gas bottle and a little oven.

still never mind...

i was just posting this to remind myself of something i want to write about, and write about properly when i am awake!


there we go, so now i am off to bed and watch this space for my post about ravens!