~Oimelc~Lá Fhéile Bríde Blessings~

oimelc...imbolc...la fheile bride...it has many names but one meaning...

 so here we are, the doorstep of spring if you live here in the north

a time to honour Brigid the goddess of poetry, the hearth and  smithcraft and in Irish mythology the daughter of the Dagda one of the Tuatha De Danann~the people of the goddess Danu.

today it is clear and cold, so cold it is hard to think we are slipping into spring now, but looking closely in the garden the snowdrops are flowering and fuzzy buds are on my rowan...

the rowan is associated with this great fire festival and like linked with Brigid is associated with divine inspiration, illumination, intuition and the power of poetry and healing.


i was going to have an early fire in the sacred garden today but my wood supply is a little damp and my cauldron needs clearing out so it will have to wait.


yesterday we started to plan a trip to Yorkshire in june for a friend is celebrating her birthday...we are stopping at a campsite in Matlock, Derbyshire for a night or two.
a few years ago i posted about a two night trip we had there for a meeting of a camping club, so we did not have time to sight see. this time it will be for sight seeing as it is really beautiful.
after a few days in west Yorkshire we will travel to east Yorkshire to meet another friend...for the very first time despite us knowing each other for three years!

i have campsites ready to contact and the main route planned so now its time to start saving!

read: deciding which book to start...
taste: craving fish and chips!
see: Bondi Vet...puppies!
hear: the Bondi vet
smell: wood smoke
touch: Flynt
think: food
feel: cold