My best friends!
The teacher we did the prank!
While we were on the serenade
My best friend <3
Mr. Pebbles! haha
It was valentine's day & everybody spending a
lot in gifts & I don't know but I think that's stupid,
I don't like Valentin's day because of that, you
need to spend a lot of money just because you
need to give a gift not because you want to, so
that's not good :S I think the best gifts are the
ones that you give for no reason at all, that's
when it really surprises you!

& what can I say about my day? First of all I
lost my ID so I went to University to get a new
one & to pay for it, the good thing is that my best
friend was with me & we took a lot of pictures :$
then my friends & I did a prank for my friend
that is in love with out teacher from last semester
so we gave him a serenade from her but she didn't
know it! Haha so it was very funny!

At the afternoon a friend of mine came to my house
& we went for a starbucks & he gave me the most
random gift somebody could ever give me! Haha he
told me "I'm going to give you something that nobody
will ever give you!" & guess what he gave me? A big
watermelon!! Hahaha it was so funny because when
he gave it to me I couldn't stop laughing haha so it
was very cool! It's name is Mr. Pebbles haha then I
was with a friends drinking & having a good time
with them, so my day was sooo random!!