~ice moon~

so how was the full moon with you last night?

yesterday was so dull and gloomy i thought we would not see a thing, but as the day ended the sky began to clear.
at about 8pm i looked out the back door to the sight of a large bright ice moon rising from behind the huge evergreen that is not far behind my friend calv's house.


so wrapping up warm i lit a fire (eventually...damp wood *sigh*), set out my little cast iron cauldron with a charcoal disc and my earth incense from starchild and wrapping up warm in swampys duffle coat sat out in my nook with my wooden bowl.

now in my little wooden bowl are a sea shell, my piece of arrow head shaped flint which to me represents the ancestors, my lemurian seed crystal and earth healing disc~both entrusted to me (and others across the globe) by robyn


i hope your full moon was a blessed one


read: on the last few pages of The Desperate Romantics
taste: lemon tea
see: grey sky
hear: The Lady of Shalot~Loreen McKennitt
smell: nothing
touch: laptop
think: broken camper
feel: headachy