~comfort zone~

today is my first hair cut in months...probably the first in about 8-10 months.
i stupidly had it cut to shorter than jaw length last may and it was a huge, really huge mistake.
my face just does not allow me to get away with shorter hair.

so it is now well past my jaw, close to my shoulders...if i pull out the curl it sits on my shoulder.
my plan is to just let it grow...and grow...
so today its just a tidy up, a mm or two off the ends that's it...
but i feel sick and anxious...i always feel like this when it means i am going to have to let people, either mentally, physically or both, into comfort zone.
needless to say i will be a happy bunny after midday!


the sun is shining here in the forest so i shall be out taking some photos of my rowan post hair cut.
 i had planned on  doing it over the weekend but i have been fending off a migraine for the last four-five days.
it needs a lot of careful management, and i hate to say it, conventional medicine, to enable me to say out of bed and not throwing up.

i have tried the alternative route with these and it fails miserably.


we are also hoping to get Pretty Pagan back this week...possibly today or tomorrow.
she went off to the garage three weeks ago this week when swampy realised his back problems meant he would be able to get the gearbox out and fix it himself.
we had the replacement gearbox delivered to the garage last tuesday, fully expecting her to be ready to bring home a few days later.
unfortunately the garage had neglected to tell us the mechanic doing the work was on leave last week and they had no other mechanic to do the job...
something i fully believe they could have told us the previous week when we spoke with them.

needless to say i was fuming over this lack of foresight while poor swampy remained quietly resigned.

our camping season starts on may so we are wanting her back to put in our new bits and bobs...to say nothing of just getting out and about and getting our own shopping!

well off i go, one last mug of lemon tea before pulling on my 'amelias' and trotting into the village...

read: Essi Tolling
taste: egg waffle with smidge of sweet freedom
see: antiques on the tv
hear: bubbles from fish tank
smell: freh air
touch: red and white striped scarf
think: loving my new hair cut
feel: happy