~what sings to you?~

i have come to a bit of a crossroads...

its actually more than a bit.

i am close to taking a step towards putting my OU studies on hold.

for how long?

i have no idea to be honest.

i 'talked' about it with two friends via fb and this is what one of them said...

maybe this OU course isn't singing to you and the crafts are more.Do what makes you happy what makes you feel alive and happy xx

she is so right its scary.

i have been feeling no joy in picking up my books, it now feels like a millstone around my neck and when i am doing anything...anything at all...other than my studies i feel guilty.

it no longer sings to me...

what is singing to me is my crafting

as you know i have set up my little etsy shop and i have actually sold four items from my very small stock (woot!)
for ages i have wanted to take my crafting and selling the things i make further so i have been slowly gathering all the things i need to turn this into reality.
i have so many ideas and projects that are singing to me that my mind is in a constant whirl.

but also other things take a back step and i feel i have no time for other things, for my path, my sacred garden...just 'being' without feeling guilty...

i just feel that something has to be put aside and my heart tells me that its my OU, for however long it needs to be.


but the weird thing is lots of of things have been pointing me in this new direction and it was dear lizzie fae's comment about 'singing' which helped me make my decision...

i told my dad that i had sold a few things and he said 'from little acorns'...so true!

i also did a three card reading with my druid plant oracle just after the winter solstice, i generally don't blog about my readings but i think i should here...
i was questioning if i will move forward with my craft/etsy ideas

my first card is the one that gives insight into a situation or the issue of concern
a beneficent cycle set in motion
inspired in creative life-Awen~
beginning of a creative cycle

my second card is how i would like the situation to be
period of difficulty ending and a new cycle dawns
beginning of new projects and phases in life to be nourished close to the heart
Awen-the three drops of inspiration
guidance, inspiration, fertility
augurs well for any creative endeavour
'all heal'-all is being healed

my third card is an insight into how i might move the situation or issue into the desired state
striving to gain freedom
woad evokes qualities of bardism and warrior hood
we all have the bard-the creative self within us
true freedom comes when we give full expression to our creativity

what do you think my lovely bloggers?
i would value your thoughts