~up & about~

well i have been up and about for a few days now and feel so much better

unfortunately the weather is not nice here at this time so i am not able to get out in the garden.

i have been doing some crafting, putting items in etsy, reading and crochet~i found some lovely sock yarn so creating myself something nice with it, not socks however!

i also had a nice surprise in that someone has bought one of my bracelets on etsy!
the odd thing is, it was one i was shortly going to take off as it was an autumn one...i am so glad i didn't.

i have been clearing my mobile phone of pictures and found some i took when i was out before the dreaded lurgy hit.
we had gone into lymington, which is five miles from our village, for some bits and bobs so walked down to the quay...

i love lymington, the shops are on a fairly steep hill that leads to the cobbled street that leads down to the quay.
i lived there for some years before i met swampy~one place was a flat that was above an art supplies shop and my room was the whole of the attic space with a teeny window that looked out over the one-way system at the top of town.

i had also been out walking with swampy and flynt in the forest...

well time to start thinking about food~i shall endeavour to visit you all in the next few days!

read: 'secrets to the grave' by tami hoag
taste: over ripe banana
see: lit tiffany lamp
hear: swampy on the phone
smell: cold air
touch: warm shawl
think: Pretty Pagan has broken down
feel: aches and pains