~tales from the sick bed~

i have been poorly, very poorly as you know.

yesterday i felt fine although swampy told me to stay in bed for the day.

so i was quite optimistic this morning~i got up even though i felt a bit snuffly and feeble.

well within a few hours i find myself back in bed wrapped in my blankets, feeling as if i have taken the proverbial one step forward two (maybe three) steps back.


i have done a few bits during the 'okay' moments as my needle felting supplies arrived....

this is actually a little shallow bowl...


my OU studies are officially on hold now until...whenever

i have to say, despite the cold getting me down, i feel totally liberated, and i am still giving thanks to you all for freely giving your wisdom and support over this.

well swampy is just about to bring me some soup

so more from me another day