~giving thanks~

today the sun has been shining and the sky has been blue here in this ancient forest

swampy has done some tidying in the sacred garden and we have had the back door open letting through a stream of cool, fresh air.

i have followed swampy around with my shawl wrapped around me and he has even swept out my nook and so i will be having a little fire later and burn some of now dry evergreens from yule as a natural incense

not only am i giving thanks to the beauty of the day but also for knowing you wonderful people...some i know and meet with, some i know only through my blog...

i am giving thanks for your advice and support and encouragement over my last few posts

its a hard thing to do, giving up, for however long, something that has been such a big part of my life for so many years.

yes i had decided but, as K put it, i was still holding on...and you all said things which helped me organise my thoughts

after more thinking yesterday i realised that why put myself through something that no longer gives me joy?
that had become something that was binding me in so many ways

i have made my final decision and just need to let the OU know.
if, in a few years time, i want to go back to it i will find a way with regards the funding.

but now...

oh the bliss of not having reading/essay deadlines facing me.

i can set my own timetable and its a timetable doing all the crafting things i love

i can sit in my nook with a book or my crochet and not feel guilty

i don't have to worry that the three day migraine is making me behind with reading


so now it is time for me to gather my crafting supplies and ponder my new steps

it feels like the start of a whole new life...