~seeing me~

'Its funny how we view ourselves and how others do..when I see you I see someone who is very bright and intelligent but also really in tune earthy and spiritual'

i had a short 'conversation' online via messages on faceache one evening last week with a fae friend and
the gist of the messages were regarding self image and insecurity and the comment above is part of what she wrote to me


now that is not how i see myself~how do i see myself? i have no idea~and so it surprised me to find that this was how i come across to people

i am very comfortable in my own skin

 years back i decided that its pointless to worry that my hair is not straight and shiny, my skin not perfect and my shape far from the perfection seen in magazines.
i stopped buying the magazines when i started to become increasingly frustrated with the garbage they were spouting about how i/we should act, look, what we should buy and what we should wear/not wear.

apparently anyone over 25 should not wear leggings~ho really?
well come tell me that when i am wearing my birkis and black leggings under a floral dress...

pah! we dont need magazines like that

my poor fae friend bless her is worried about her first camping experience with swampy, myself and the friends that we camped with back in may~the worry of being seen first thing in the morning without her public face on.
i think that the sight of me in my pyjams with my hair doing its usual dragged through a hedge backwards look and possibly doing the sun salutation in a field will reassure her that there is nothing to worry about


i have not been around much, well actually i havent been about at all for about a week.

my yoga class last week was wonderful~it was a small group, there were only seven of us including rue the teacher and it was the gentle class.

i have to admit it did knock me out a few hours after and i ended up in bed around four in the afternoon and the following day i was not too good either.

but mentally i was on such a high and to me thats as important as anything.

so i will be off tomorrow morning in my purple yoga pants and my mat under my arm for my next class and i am really looking forwards to it.