A good friend of mine is moving house the same day we are.  She and I couldn't be more different and yet we couldn't be more the same.  

She is 13 years my junior, has never been married, and has no kids.  And yet we laughed yesterday when I was trying to explain my feelings around this whole moving situation and she said, "Anita we are on the same exact trajectory...we couldn't be any closer - you do not have to explain yourself to me!"  

It's nice to have someone trudging the same road as you.  We are each other's cheerleader and each other's shoulder depending on who is more bat-shit crazy at the moment.  

She smokes cigarettes and muses, "how did I end up here?"  and I suck on a diet coke and answer, "I don't know...."

Lest you think these moves for us are "good" ones, they're really not.  Not in the sense of "yippee!  we're moving!" because usually that means moving up; and in this case we're both moving down....down-sizing is the polite term I guess.

We've both been getting rid of shit.  Craigslist is a godsend though loading people's cars with my far-too-long-held possessions is bittersweet.  Glad to get cash in my hand, yet scared of letting go. 

I remarked yesterday that it's quite amazing how little one actually needs.  One man's trash...; out with the old...;

And life goes on.

If I haven't commented on your blog lately, forgive me.  This is taking a lot of my time and energy! 

These photos which really have nothing to do with anything, are from HERE and HERE.  I just like all of them.