~here i am~

so what have i been doing?

last week swampy covered my head in henna and despite doing it quickly and only leaving it for fifteen minutes i have been left with a headful of bright copper/orange hair~its certainly brightening the day's up around here...

and do we need some bright days?

oh yes we do.

we have only had a few days where the sun has been coming out from behind the clouds~on sunday it poured down...all day...heavy...leaving our poppies, cornflowers and corncockles battered and bruised.

today is grey and chill and as it usually does when its chill and grey i ache and find myself wishing the day away in the hope of some warming sunshine. by the looks of the weather forecast we still have two days of rain.

last week i travelled up to manchester with my sister to see take that and the pet shop boys~i surprised myself by managing well due to the fact we had seats but i spent most of the rest of last week paying for my crimes and spending a lot of time in bed.

on the days we had a bit of sunshine i would sit on the garden bench or my seat in the nook and soak up some of the warmth of the sun~i feel so much better when it feels as if my bones have soaked up some sunshine.


between the rain and the sleeping and resting we have been busy decorating Pretty Pagan and swampy has been installing a narrow wardrobe (we always meant to have one but other thing started to take our time and money, finally we bacame fed up of living out of bags when away).

we love Pretty Pagan and the freedom we have with her but she has none of the quirky good looks of our first camper Pilchard, a sparkly blue and white vw bay window or pippin the lovely old french h van. but she is reliable...something we really needed in a camper but her white/grey colours were a bit...normal for us!

she is a large camper van...we have bench seats and a table that converts to a bed that is 6 foot by 5 foot 8, its larger than our bed at home and we can leave it set up as a bed and still have heaps of room for kitchen area with two ring hob, small sink with drainer, fridge and a little 'room' for the porta-loo...she is large.

being so large it would take a lot of money to have her re-sprayed~despite the fact that swampy is a qualified, and very good, paint sprayer~so the next best thing to dress her is with stickers.

last year we met the lovely couple who owns and runs hippy motors and bought a few stickers~then decided that what better way to get around the re-spray option but stickers...lots of them!

well we bought a selection of flowers (and other little bits and bobs) got to work dividing them into two piles and realised we would need more...a lot more!
so we ordered more yesterday and shall see how it goes but we think we may well have to buy many more to get the effect we want~when it is not raining i shall take some photos.


yes it has started to rain hard and i have given up hope that the sky will clear enough for the solar eclipse tonight.
so i think its time to get into my more comfortable clothes, light some incense and curl up with my crochet

~i hope you are all having a wonderful day~