Broadcast your feelings

Good news! I passed Maths with 7.2
uuff I almost fail it, but I think I did
it good! well this post is not for that
haha, the reason I do this post is that a
lot of people have been telling me that I
should write in my blog [the ones who knows
it at the perfection or at least the ones who
knows it] haha but I don't know I think that
If I write it I'd never end! I know that is
interesting & worthy of a love story haha but I
think that I'm goona broadcast it & upload it to
my youtube account haha & what better way to
share my private thoughts than to broadcast
them on the internet? Just saying. I think is a
better idea & some other would like to tell it to a
close friend, I rather prefer to broadcast it or
write it in my blog or in a book, I don't know this
is what I think & I think is better to broadcast them
because maybe at least it'll be one person that is
going through the same & could understand you,
& is true that honestly I don't know what could
happen if I broadcast them haha but aargh I
think it'll be better to write it in a note safe in my
laptop just in case but I guess it could be
interesting to broadcast them mmm I don't know
but whatever I'll choose I'll write it soon. Hugs