~a wandering soul~

during the 'coming down' period after camping with all our lovely friends and meeting even more new friends while in avebury i have reached the inevitable low i always feel.

i miss them all so much.

the trouble we have is that we are spread right across the country and so between times we have to be content with keeping contact through the forum, social networks (see, thats why i went back!) and phone calls and texts.
in an attempt to keep local folk connected people have been arranging picnics and meeting at different sacred sites and so swmapy and i have taken the plunge to get some of the stonewylde 'southern belles' together here in the new forest, to fill the 'lean' time before our next big camp in august for the book launch.

it may just help until our tribal gathering in august...but it seems so far away.


i have also been feeling restless and suffering a tad from wanderlust~i always do after we have been away in 'pretty pagan' and of course over here its festival season and i so miss my festival days.

the wanderlust i feel is always transplanted into how i view my surroundings and this then turns into dissatisfaction with my immediate surroundings.
its silly i know, i have plenty to feel thankful for and to be honest i cannot put my finger on any one specific thing...its just my wandering soul which i think is in my genes...

my dad is a wandering soul~throughout his life he jumped from job to job never happy until he gave up the rat race to live with his art, his motorcycles and an ever expanding train set.
his dad, my grampy george was a wandering soul~living his life aboard ship in the navy and constantly travelling the world and finding home on a house boat on the thames.
and i guess all those mariners and bargemen ancestors of mine going back hundreds of years must have been wandering souls to choose life at sea and along the canals rather than settle down to life on terra firma.

so that has boiled down to me, here in my little 'roundhouse' in this ancient forest, with itchy feet to get out into the world and explore...