Youtube I love u

I know its illegal to download music from
other services without paying hahaha & in
fact I had Ares I'm sure that everybody
knows what is that hahaha but the problem
here is that when you download music/videos
etc it comes with a lot of virus so it was not
worth it, my cousin told me that It was a page
in wich you can download your music without
downloading that programs that only leads you
more virus, the only thing you need to do is
to paste de URL from the video of youtube you
want the music, you paste the url in that website
& that's all! it start to download by itself & you save
the song only like the famous "save as..." pretty
awesome isn't it?(: I give you the link of the page
here enjoy it :D & well another downloader that I got
from another cousin hehehe is other but now for
the good ones "the videos" hahaha yeeah &
it's the same thing that the other program, you
only paste the URL from the video of youtube
& that's all, but in this downloader you must
need to download the program :/ but it's worth
it because it leads you a lot of formats you can
download your video, I obviously chose the one
that is already made for ipod touch/iphone &
with that you don't need to convert it again haha
I like it very much & is fast downloading them &
even better you can download music too, but I
rather go with the other one haha, the url to
download it is here, hope you like it. Hugs((: