So talented...

So I have those days when you're boring and
you don't know what to do on internet so, I
went to youtube and start looking for cover
songs of "normal" people haha and well what
I discovered was something amazing, I'm not
that kind of person that is all time on youtube
trying to discover some funny new videos and
for that reason my surprise was even bigger to
find out that well we have a lot of talented people
uploading their videos with song's covers of
diferent singers and I can assure you that they
sing even better than famous singers, and their
videos are seen like 500.000 times haha but
there was one particularly video that really really
caught my atention, I was just boring [as I told you]
and I searched for the Grenade Cover
from Bruno Mars because I love that song, so I
just saw the first video it appeared [supposed to be
the number one seen with over 5million !] and
like it was expected I just love the song they
played at the video, and even it was available on
itunes! I'm not that kind of person that buys songs
on internet neither but I swear that I just had to
buy that song it was so amazing! [my fisrt purchase
on internet xD] so my question here is why the
hell they don't get signed??! I think that they
could be great singers if labels give them the
opportunity, so why don't you listen some
music made by "normal" & talented people?(:
I leave you here the link of the video I saw, the
piano is just amazing, so I hope you enjoy it(: