Well now Im going to talk about lookbook
a lot of people have no idea that this page
exist! and it's very awesome and you know
why? because well this page is use most of
the times by teenagers and well here you
only update your very own outfits and it could
be a collage of you wearing the outfit or just one
photograph of yourself and you put the brand
and details of eachcloth and that's it! It's more a
fashion website and well I don't have like a lot of
experience with it and I only have 3 looks but
there's a lot of people around the world that
have amazing photographs! and even better
they have amazing outfits hahaha and well
most of them are very good taking the photos
so as models and photographers they could
work hahaha you can see my lookbook here
and well the 1st and 2nd photos are the most
I like and well the 3rd is mine but obviously you
can see the difference hahaha Im not so expert
in this stuff yet(: hahaha you can also see my
new lookbooks here in the Gadgets of my
blog(: hugs.