Id, Ego & Superego

Well I have been reading a lot of Sigmund Freud's
theories lately and well I found out one that really
caught my attention, Id, Ego & Superego. In his
theory he tried to explain how our different
personalities came out in different needs, for
example, we are born with our Id, this is and
important part of our personality because as
newborns it alows us to get our basic needs met,
he believed that Id was only for pleasure principle,
so to understand better, Id only wants to feel good
with no consideration for the reality of the situation,
so your Id doesn't care about reality and about the
needs of anyone else, only it's own satisfaction.
Within the next three years EVERYONE as Freud
said, we develop the second part of our pesonality, the
one called Ego and this is based in the reality principle,
here the Ego understands that other people have needs
and desires too, so here the Ego satisfies it's desieres and
needs but now take into consideration the reality of the
situation and finally at the age of five or six we develop
the Superego personality, so this last one has nothing
to do with our needs, instead this is the moral part of
us, here we don't take a lot of consideration of our needs
and instead we care a lot of our social enviroment, so we
the Superego tries to please others and not ourselves and
as a consequence we start to experience the feelings of
shame, sorrow etc. according to the social and moral
importance we give to it. So in this three personalities
Ego is the strongest personality because it can satisfy
the needs of the Id, not upset the supergo.
So I'm pretty sure you're asking yourselves why the
hell I bring this out? Simple, I think Freud is right
with this theory because as we are kids we are selfish and
spoiled but as we grow up we forget that ideas and start
to please other people we can say "we care about" but
much of the times we try to please them so hard that we
forget to please ourselves and we give them the oportunity
to destroy us and I think that is unfair, we have to be our
first priority and then to take care about the people we
love but not falling into egoism, sometimes people can be
wrong and without knowing it, they can hurt you but you
have to think that you're important as well and you have
to love yourselve because if you don't do it, how the hell
others will love you? so think about it and try to give
love but at the same time give love to the most
important human being "you".