~here & gone again~

well i did it again~days of no blogging.
the days seem to speed by me and i am sure there are fewer hours in the day!

since my last post i managed a walk to a place called setley pond which is about a mile from home. the last time i went there was in the winter and i posted at the time about the bronze age barrow that is close to the pond.
well now it is wearing its spring clothes...

the pond looked wonderful in the sun...

i was just too late to photograph a man driving his horse and cart through the shallow area at this end of the pond where a small bank of shingle sits in the middle.


swampy has been helping me make a staff...

i found a large fallen branch in the forest back in the winter. i had been looking for one suitable to make a staff for ages and the branch this came from was literally laying right in front of me.
i, of course, took it as a sign and we loaded the whole branch in the camper and once home swampy trimmed it to size for me and it was left in the bedroom to dry for about six months.

this month i started to carefully peel the bark off, swampy gave it a gentle sand and then i gave it a coat of finishing oil then two coats of bee's wax.
swampy then wrapped a strong thong around to make a soft grip for my hand and i attached the little pouch and one of my hag stones through the hole swampy had drilled through the stick for this purpose...


we are off for a few days today. we spent yesterday slowly packing up 'pretty pagan' and today we head into wiltshire to our 'base' campsite where we are meeting all of our friends from the stonewylde forum.
on saturday we are all going a few miles down the road for a day at avebury.

some of you may remember my post two years ago when some of us had a day out in avebury, which last year developed into a day combined with a few days camping. this has developed into a tradition now and we will be gathering again in august with the launch of kits fourth book 'shadows of stonewylde'


here are the great tit chicks that are in one of our bird boxes...

and here is our first crop of radish from our garden...they taste very good!

well i had better get myself organised and finish packing my clothes...i shall catch up with you all when i retur home.