~again? so soon?~

another blog post so soon after the last one?!

i am having an quiet day...

...well i was having an enforced quiet day as i was supposed to be saving my spoons to go and see Duran Duran (who remember's them first time around~i feel old!) with my sister tomorrow, but it has been cancelled due to simon le bon's laryngitis.

but all is not lost, i am now conserving my spoons for next week when we go to see Take That yet again!

of course spoons dont really work that way~i never know when i wake up quite how many i will have to last the day but hey-ho!


i have a confession to make...

i have been lured back to 'face ache'~oh i know, i know (i have a contrite look on my face honest)
but after seeing my lovely friends last week i realised how much i miss them, even across the t'internet so i registered again. but this time not accepting any old random person into my friend list~they are all people i know and have interacted with in person (except for a very , very few special folk)


its a wet, chilly and very grey day here in this ancient forest and i am sitting here just thinking...i am having one of those days where i dont know what to do with myself.
earlier i took a nasturtium out of my strawberry basket as it was overcrowding the strawberries and blocking out the light~so its nowin a pot and sitting behind some plants that have stopped flowering to add some extra color.

it seems we have had days of grey skies and i am longing for the sun.

in the last year i seem to have turned from a sun-hater (actually hater is a bit harsh but having the old Irish paleness i burn easily) into a sun lover.
only because the heat helps my fibromyalgia~sitting quietly in the garden the heat soaks into the painful joints and muscles like an all over hot water bottle.
a lot of people with certain chronic conditions say that all kinds of weather factors affect them~you will find a good write up about that here.
i have to say i have been half hartedly monitoring my m.e and fibro and weather certainly does change things.

well i think i will get my crochet out, i am still working on my granny shawl from the lovely alpaca cotton, i took it out yesterday but my fingers felt like sausages so i didnt get very far!

have a good day wherever you are