The City Of Sin

So I just came back from Las Vegas :D
and let me tell you that it was very nice(:
it was my second time that I visit it and
well I stayed at the Venetian hotel I just
love the decoration that it has inside :D
and some things have changed like new
hotels and casinos of course like the hotel
Cosmopolitan, Aria and the stratosphery so
I had a really really good time and even
more knowing that it would be the last
family trip that we would do well "as a
family" but nevertheless I had fun there
and yeah I know its only a city for adults
haha but I went to buy clothes haha it was
a good exercise carry on with the bags of
the shopping and walking for hours, just
thing about it ;) Im not mistaken haha and
what can I tell you about the stores? OMG
I swear I was in heaven with all the
designers stores like Lois Vuitton, Gucci,
Channel, Dior, Ferragamo, Burberry, Coach
and more & more and I also went to the
rollercoster of New York New York's Hotel
hahaha and I also went to the Pawn Shop :D
it is from History Channel and the program
is called the price of history. Well up
here I let you some panoramics photographs
that I took and other photographs from my
trip :D hugs(: