~is it really so long...?~

...since my last post here?

well i guess it is and i have lots of reasons why that is so.

i have been spending a lot of time in our garden.
 we have had a very unseasonal few weeks with days of sunshine that makes you think of summer. the sun has been so hot i have been having to put on my factor 30 aloe vera suncream just to sit in the garden.

this is not like an english spring at all.

my 'nook' in the garden is now complete with the arrival of two wooden chairs and a table (although we are debating the table may be a bit too large for the area) and a small clay chimenea. we also have a wooden bench in another part of the garden which gets the sun later in the day to give us a different view and under this we store our small cut logs.

the climbing rose and jasmine are slowly climbing their way along the top of my nook and i really hope that by real summer they will provide shade.the spring flowers are slowing returning to the earth, we have one geranium with wonderful purple flowers growing right by my nook and the huge climbing banksia rose is full of tiny buds. 

we now also have a small fountain near codys 'bed' and its just bliss to sit there in the peace and listen to the water~often i just sit there with a book or my crochet and end up doing just that~sitting. and listening and looking.
we have blue tits and great tits nesting in our garden and many other birds still coming here to feed. yesterday seemed special for right above our garden six~yes six!~buzzards were circling high above us.

our herbs, fruit and vegetables~peas, corn, radish, carrots, beetroot, tomato, little gem and cut and come again salad, strawberries,blueberries are doing well.
i am hoping that it is not too late to plant red currants in a large pot.

the next small project is to put in a small wildlife pond in the hope we will attract frogs and provide another watering hole for birds.
since cutting our logs has opened up a purpose made hole in the fence and we have removed the puppy proofing which has opened another small gap in the other fence i am hoping we can attract the hedgehogs back to help with slug control (organic gardening here of course!).


i have also been feeling quite unwell. the sunshine helps me mentally after such a hard winter.
 it feels good to sit in the garden breathing in the good air~we are near no main road so have no traffic pollution. our garden smells of soil and growing things, and the occaisional incense cone!

physically i have not been great with my m.e and fibro being mean...there is no other word, they are mean!
i thought a short walk (plod) with swampy and flynt would make me feel better the other afternoon but i was so exhausted all i could do was sit in the camper and watch them have a walk~how horrid is that?

the previous week i managed a few slow, painful walks and was so glad i did for we found the first foal of spring had been born...

we are now getting excited as the donkeys will soon be ready to bring their babies into the world...these were in the village recently...

...so yes my m.e and fibro have not been joyous recently however
i had an ultra sound with my consultant last week and happily my uterus has now reverted to its normal size...four times smaller than it was in august!
when i first saw him i was unsure about having small plastic beads injected to cut off the blood supply to my uterus but agreed to give it a chance. i am now so glad i did however i am still experiencing odd pelvic pain so i am now waiting for another mri and a return visit to my gynechologist to have it investigated further.

my gp has also now referred me to a pain management clinic, i just need to decide which hospital i wish to go to...we thought maybe bournemouth so we can go into the city after.


i have been working on my crochet when my hands and arms have been kind to me and my alpaca cotton shawl is going well.
i have also picked out the yarn for my sisters poncho which i hope to start next week.

well my nook beckons~i shall be round to visit over the next few days, there are so many of you now it takes me sometime to get around!

~i hope you all have a wonderful day~