~end of the day already?~

the view from my desk today is of grey sky and the tree's moving in the wind~its cold and damp and the feelings of joy brought about by the recent sunshine has crept back under an almost wintery blanket.

today i am having trouble settling down to anything productive.
my ma popped in for a cup of tea bringing with her a bunch of daffodils and hot cross buns and dog print pyjamas from my sister.
i washed up, ignoring the aches and pains~i have had a two day headache/stiff neck~by listening to REM's 'out of time'...

and now i sit at my desk, listening to the birds and the wind...there are two little collared doves sitting on the fence~they appear every spring but i never notice when they vanish in the autumn. there is a little siskin eating sunflower hearts, different finches running up and down the fence and a big fat wood pigeon on the roof opposite...and a gang of goldfinches are having a bit of a row over who gets the sunflower hearts now the siskin has gone!
i am lucky because all houses close by are bungalows and so i have nothing but tree's and one roof in my direct view of the sky and tree's. and even the roof is covered in moss and lichen so gives a very organic impression.

my little 'nook' is finished and stained an 'old' looking green and the climbing rose and jasmine have been untangled enough so that it looks like my nook has been there for a long time. the birds love it as extra perches.
since another neighbour, the one who 'encourages' sterility, did our direct neighbours garden last summer and cut down everything to below five foot (our fence is about 6 foot) the birds have had few places to perch so this is almost a new act of rebellion on behalf of the birds!

so its nearly three o'clock and to me the day is nearly over.

i know that must sound cazy but to me and my two little distractions generally late afternoon is the start of the end of my day.
its the time when any aches and pains i started with slowly get worse, or go, only to be replaced with new aches and pains. the act of just being since waking up induces the feeling of exhaustion to the extent all i can think about is getting into my pyjamas and taking up residence on the sofa.

i hate it but have come to the understanding that i just have to go with the flow and hope that tomorrow will be a more productive day...