~coconut oil & a sketch~

i am sitting here with coconut oil massaged into my scalp and hair.
for some reason my scalp has been sooooooooo itchy and today, despite a rosemary rinse after washing, it was driving me crazy.

so a quick trip to the susun weed forum and all i had to decide was do i use olive oil or coconut oil?

well we have both so i opted for the coconut, some generous massage and getting swampy to check i had got down to the scalp and here i sit...another five minutes and i shall wash it out...

except i now have the dilemma that its my shampoo~faith in nature seaweed~that is giving me the itchies.

i also did me a drawing today~my submission to 'what i wore today' on flickr

i found i really enjoyed sitting there and making a cartoon me...


coconut oil washed out...we shall wait and see...