~rain...lots of rain~

its been raining hard all day again.

it seems we are having alternate days of rain and sun, so maybe tomorrow will be sunny. i hope so.

so today i have done little...

toast with whiskey marmalade

peering out the window for delivery vans that may be bringing my 'money burning a hole' gift to myself~even though i know its way too early, but its fun to hope...maybe tomorrow!

drink tea *mint soother* *ginger mint* *lemon*

ate a salad of carrot, apple, tomato and red onion splashed with balsamic vinegar

looked up recipes to brighten up my menu ideas

took photos~lots of random photos from around the house, i shall post them tomorrow

looked out at the birds feeding in the garden *gold finch* *blue tits* *siskins*

i am now thinking a glass of mead to end the day.

oh my, i said end the day and its only 8pm~what am i like?
i am actually feeling not too bad today, i could stay up later~i have done little to use up my spoons but all the same its comfortable in my bed, i can put on my radio and sit there reading or writing in my journal or just thinking...