~for the love of yarn~

its been a quiet few days since my last blog, mostly concerned with finishing off a wool hand muff i made...

finished the main body some weeks ago using some wool i bought years ago but didnt know what to do with!
 then i became distracted with other crochet projects and finally decided to get it finished this week. i added a ruffled edge at each end and included the flowers.
this is destined for etsy when i finally get my etsy store set up!

i have nearly finished the wrap for my friend in wales~she is still poorly so i am keen to get it finished and posted.
 if you enlarge you can see i am working the edges in a lacy/fish net stitch.

i went a bit mad this week~well stir crazy to be honest.
it feels as if i have been stuck in for days because of the cold and rain and the constant grey sky makes it feel like i am stuck in some gloomy box.
i really needed to get out even for an hour or so.
so swampy took me off to look at yarn!

now to me racks of natural yarn is like a drug~i adore it all.
 i love to pick it up and feel it, even, if nobody is watching, give it a little sniff.
my mind becomes a whirl of what i would create with each one...

well needless to say i ended up deciding i need to make myself something~my own wrap actually and so three balls of Rowan alpaca cotton 'fell' into my basket...

these drew my eye and i fell in love and images of a striped wrap formed in my mind...i had to start with three because it is quite expensive and i am not sure yet how much a single ball will make up.
still with names like raindrop, salmon and rice how could i not fall in love?


this arrived through the post last week...

i wanted to buy something special with the money given to me for my birthday from my ma and pa and there was only one of theses at fairysteps store and as with the alpaca cotton i fell in instant love with 'pod'.
the little moccasin is a tiny but perfect minnetonka brought back from from lake tahoe.
parts of it have been worn smooth where i constantly  touch it when out and about.


~today is another grey day with the odd patch of blue breaking through.
i hope you day is a bright and happy one~