*firstly i would like to spread Oimelc blessings to you all*

enlarge and you will be able to see some of our first snowdrops coming up on cody's bed~we have plenty more scattered around our garden.

we have done a little gardening, mostly clearing the leaves and some of the dead plants that has provided shelter for all manner of bugs and beasties over the winter, and were pleased to find plenty of green shoots coming up from the earth and buds on my blueberry, the forsythia and the clematis that climbs the arch over our front door.
the honeysuckle and the banksia rose that grows up the bean stick trellis are looking very healthy with plenty of new shoots. we recently found that the mildew the honeysuckle suffered with last year was because it was too dry.
our plan this year when the weather becomes warmer is to sink a plastic bottle of water into the earth close to its base with a hole in the lid which will allow a small but constant drip-this will hopefully keep its roots damp enough to prevent the mildew again.

this is the blanket of harebell growing at the base of our young rowan~it started as a single plant transplanted from the one that started growing wild at the base of our front door~and has survived three winters.

we have some big plans for the garden this year, including the introduction of a wildlife pond and some raised vegetable beds.


we were away for half of last week.
sadly swampys brother-in-law john died not long after new year and we had his funeral in Birmingham last week.
we were booked into a lovely peaceful woodland campsite and drove into city each day to visit family.

the days we were there and the long journey took its toll and i was very unwell for a few days after we arrived home~one of these days was my birthday.
so i have decided that when the weather is better we shall have a day out somewhere special and in the meantime maybe go out for a meal, something we do not do very often.


before we left we coloured my hair again.
remember i mentioned i bought some named 'spice red'?
well i didn't leave it on for as long as they suggest as i wasn't sure how dark red i wanted it-this was the result after about 25 minutes...actually it is much brighter in life...

oh and remember the cupcakes for my sisters birthday?