~wool in pocket~

i have been working away on my friends wrap/shawl and when i reached the point that my wool was small enough it sat in the pocket of my cardigan~this way i can wander into the kitchen to make tea and take my work with me, without, as i usually do, trailing wool on the floor behind me.

i am glad to say my daily yoga practice is going well and while i am not feeling better, mentally i am feeling much more positive. i only do a very gentle ten to twenty minutes daily and there are some positions i cannot do any more but what little i do feels so good.

i am a happy bunny with the introduction of a piece of £1 technology.
now usually i hate new technology but i have been using kodak easyshare to transfer photos from my camera to laptop and it is a surprisingly long drawn out process.
i am sure someone where has to shovel coal into my laptop to get easyshare to actually do anything!
swampy suggested picking up an sd card reader-which i plug into my laptop and then put the memory card into that...well my photo uploading is now easy and painless and more importantly fast. so i no longer dread sorting my photos.
funny how something so small can make things so much easier...now if only i can find something to make my itunes experience easier!


i have a confession to make.

i went to the hairdressers on friday.

if you remember from previous posts i have been cutting my own hair for some time.

well to be honest it had started to drive me mad, especially during my hot flushes and was looking a mess. so i booked an appointment, trudged down in the freezing cold and sat in that dreaded chair swathed in a nylon poncho, avoiding looking at myself in the mirror.
it turns out the girl who cut my hair grew up in the same road as me and knows my mum, i remember her as a very small girl-it meant we had plenty to talk about and i am very pleased in that she cut my hair exactly as i wanted it and i am very pleased with the result...so much so i have already made an appointment to have a trim with her.
i had a good 3-4 inches cut off the lengh so its just above shoulder length, lots of layers and she thinned it out-i am sure there was enough hair hair on the floor to knit a large jumper! when i am feeling brave enough i shall post a photo.

~what new thing do you do last week?~