~hey look~

here is a somewhat fuzzy photo of my 'new' hair~i think the camera is on its last legs.
it doesn't really show how 'bitty' it is but you get the picture!

those are my new glasses as well, nice old fashioned tortoiseshell frames. i am so glad i went back to my optician and had them changed from bifocals.


i am just gently kicking myself as i have just missed one of my favorite films 'Plainsong'~ its a very beautiful, at times sad, film but i adore it. so much so that i have seen it about 5 times.
i have just added the book (by Kent Haruf) to the birthday gift list my sister has asked from me.

i have only managed only fifteen minutes of yoga practice today. for about a week i have really struggled to wake up in the morning and this morning i woke feeling absolutely exhausted. i had an early night last night and almost slept right through-none of my usual insomnia.
so i shall be having another early night tonight.

as well as my yoga i have seriously looked at the food i have been eating recently~the trouble i have is a combination of poor appetite, being too tired to prepare food or eat it when it is ready and my more recent outbreak of the smell of cooking food, especially meat, making me feel queasy.
i realised how dreadful my diet has been lately and how that really is not helping my m.e and fibro~so now i am back to eating well again.
i have returned to my old vegetarian diet, lots of raw vegetables, some fruit (because of my diabetes i can only have limited fruit, and no ripe bananas which are my favorite~i have an ongoing craving for a brown bread banana sandwich) i add bran to porridge (with a half tea spoon of brown sugar!), seeded bread~you get the idea.

~small things make a difference~