~dirt & worms~

no this is not a gardening post!

i had the first of my twice yearly diabetes 'MOT' today and although the results from the last two months blood results are good they are just not good enough plus i has put on a few pounds since my last appointment.
of course i knew this, as i put in my last post~my body knew something was amiss so i started to put things right. so all i really need is to do a bit more than i have been to put it right and keep my blood sugar levels sensible.

because of my medication i have hypo's so when out and about need to have something in my bag.
i have been leaving it too late in the episode to have something to eat so need to keep an eye on it and act sooner.

so on the out-list are biscuits~like the shortbread we have in the kitchen, the half a tea spoon of brown sugar in my porridge (thank you all for yor tips, they are very appreciated and noted!), marmite on white toast (why does marmite always taste better with white bread toast?).

snacks are now a small handful of nuts or an oatcake...

the bread is now soy and linseed~which is actually very nice


when i was first diagnosed with diabetes we joked that the strict 'diet' imposed upon me comprised of dirt and worms.
of course it is actually just the kind of healthy diet that everyone should follow, but sometimes it does seem very strict.

i did discuss with my lovely diabetes nurse faye (the clinic is actually called the chronic disease management clinic which i hate) the issue of low fat foots and was pleased that she had my own view that foods that are promoted as being low fat are generally rubbish.
one thing i always have in our fridge is natural yogurt and i always avoid the low fat versions like the plague...actually when searching out my yogurts in the shop my comment is usually 'no, none of that low fat crap'~so yay! i can keep eating my favourite yogurt!
and the box of mini green and blacks chocolate i received at yule will not go to waste as i can have one after a meal now and then...after a meal so it wont make my blood sugars spike the way it would any other time.


yesterday we dyed my hair with some dye i bought in a health food shop~well it didn't work, my hair looks exactly the same!
poor swampy did it for me and it made his back ache so much (ongoing severe back problem-poor swampy) he had to sit with a hot water bottle against his back for the evening.
well i bought a different kind today while in lymington, buav approved and with the exciting name of spice red. well doing a two day skin test (so far so good) and a strand test, it looks very nice indeed.
i shall of course post a photo.