~come for a walk~

it was a lovely morning for a walk today.
i woke up to blue skies and it was chilly but oh so nice to be out

every holly tree is laden with bright red berries~i still say we are in for a hard winter

plenty of rose hips are on the bushes...but i think people were there before me as a lot of them are a bit of a reach!

the green bracken of summer has now become either a golden brown or red~some of the ponies fur matches it exactly

crab apples litter the ground~next year i shall be making crab apple jelly
hey its me!


i started gathering my rose hips this afternoon but my bag caught on a bramble and ripped~which made swampy laugh~so i only had a handful.
tomorrow i will be taking a Tupperware box and on the way home found a long line of untouched bushes near where we walk so hopefully i will be able to gather the two pounds i need.
i noticed some sloes but don't think that at this time of year i will be able to gather enough to make use of.
next year i plan to be much more organised.


now i am home in the warm, with candles lit and 'the darling bids of may' has just come on the tv~so i shall say goodbye for today!