~a week~

its been a lovely week here in the forest~chilly with lots of blue sky and sunshine and heavy frosts. just perfect for me.

too cold to go out in my pyjamas i took this through the window!

i have been busy in the evenings, working to finish the scarf i am crocheting from the shadow tweed
all being well i shall put the finishing touches to it today.

i have also been slowly putting things out to celebrate samhuinn

these were given to us from my mum who bought them in the village~today i will put out the rest of my collection.

we put up some shelves this week~the box has a twin that sits next to it, they both hold my crochet projects.
the other shelf has evolved into cody's shelf~his kong and bear i brought him from new york and the box that holds his collar and other little items. the fluffy bear was a gift my sister had bought him while in california a few days before we lost him.

our room does not look as bare as the photo hints at.
the shelves sit in a alcove to one side of the fireplace and the wall is a chalky grey while the fireplace wall is a warm sage green.
i have lots of plants and blankets and candles which makes the room feel very cosy~i wish i could convey this in photos...i guess there is a project for me!

to celebrate the ever increasing cold and the long dark nights i have been burning candles that bring the scent of cinnamon, cloves and oranges into the house in green and blue glass holders to they send out lovely jewel like lights...

...and yule came early with the sampling of this swedish festive drink

it tasted of burdock and was very enjoyable~so i shall be buying a few more to put away in my yule cupboard


i have been going for walks twice a day with swampy and flynt.
i am in a bit of a catch 22 situation~my m.e and fibromyalgia gives me constant exhaustion and pain but my diabetes and high cholesterol means i need to have some exercise.
so off i go each day~luckily we live in a truly beautiful place and the forest is on our doorstep.
its easy to ignore aches and pains when there is so much to see and appreciate



the pigs are still out for pannage and we met this lovely one when heading out for one of our walks~busy eating all the acorns under the oak. on our way back he/she had moved on in search of more food or to find its bed for the night among drifts of leaves and bracken.


sorry, fuzzy again as i forgot the camera~i always see exciting things when i forget it~