~belated blessings~

~in the catch up of my week i forgot~

*lughnasa blessings to you all*

my harvest consisted of blueberries and tomatoes, leaving me hopeful of the means for a much larger harvest next year.

so the wheel has turned again and it only feels like yesterday that i was talking about the summer solstice~where is the time going this year?

we had many plans for this year but because of the many hospital and doctors appointments, and the vagaries of both of our health (it sounds awful, as if we are both ancient and ailing) we have done very little.

our days have been slow and meandering, taking our hints from my m.e and its assorted symptoms and poor swampy with his AIH and very painful back, doing what we can when we can~and ignoring it all as best we can during the 'what we can' times.

i have to say i hate all this compromise~life is all about 'well if i rest up now then i will be okay for this' for both of us.

2004 was our last snowboarding trip to Heavenly in Lake Tahoe i had spent the previous 8 years travelling to snowy destinations each year for snowboarding and on our last trip we spent 14 days solid going up the mountain by gondola and snowboarding down again.

was that really us? it doesn't seem like it now.