~a sunny camp~

we had a lovely week away last week.
i had not seen our friends for a year~thanks to our old camper and its continual breaking down so there was a lot of catching up to do and of course everyone missed cody dreadfully but adored flynt.

the weather was hot, very hot and so a lot of time was spend moving my reading spot from place to place, following the shade.

the shadowy hill in the distance is the isle of wight~early in the week the site was almost empty, by friday night it was full.

we have been slowly working on the interior of 'pretty pagan' and are now up to the point of making little storage cupboards to keep our tea bags and other bits and bobs we keep out while camped up.

cool birkenstock feet

such a clear blue sky


our neighbours sue and paul's 'camp'~their dog, a large lurcher named bryn was a friend of cody and he is the first large dog that flynt has not been nervous around

i always fly my flag...

we spent a day at mudeford and flynt had his first experience with the sea.
here is an interesting little bit of wiki on smuggling at mudeford.