~solstice blessings~

*sending solstice blessings to you all from the heart of the new forest*

glennie kindred

so we have entered the longest day and from here, although it is hard to believe, the days will slowly shorten and the nights, the darkness increase.

this solstice day in the new forest is lovely~blue sky with a little light, whispy cloud~the baby sparrows are being particularly rowdy in the garden and i can hear the jackdaw families chattering in the big evergreen behind our little house.

yesterday we finished packing up 'pretty pagan' for our week away~my old~older than i am~wool blankets are packed~three of them, i never go away without them and they have multi-purpose uses, i have some clothes in a bag~my two skirts, vest tops, jeans and pyjamas and now, more importantly i have to make my book selection...

this is difficult~i have many books on the go already and i just know that while away i will have the urge to read something from another book.

my 'book bag'is one i bought a few years ago and is very much like a carpet bag but made of a soft plaid blanket and it can hold many books~who needs lots of clothes when you can have more books?!