~belated spring clean~

i have been looking around lately and seeing a distinct lack of color and joy around me~in me, my home, my blog...note i have added a new background...and my spirit.

our trip to Avebury seemed to wake something deep inside me, making me need some color and change in my life.

following the very hot weekend spent at Avebury and seeing our little pixie friend sujee in a wonderful long skirt complete with black boots i started to think wistfully of my days spent living in long, cool, swishy skirts~warmed up for winter with funky tights.

there was a serendipitous moment after i had read mel's post on 'hems'

well only a day or two later there was a knock at our door and opening it i found a bag hanging on the door~our lovely neighbour had left a dress she no longer wore wanting a good home~its beautiful~its colorful paisley and its long~and it looked great with my green boots, vintage waistcoat and a long scarf...

had a bit of a fight with the breeze to get this shot!

well this has set me off re-evaluating my wardrobe and i have even bought a long indian wraparound skirt in a lovely burnt orange which i hope will arrive today...if it turns into one of those 'i never want to take it off' items i will be buying a second in shades of blue!

then on the same day i wore this outfit the wonderful soul that is miss.r 'facebooked' about her outfit~long skirt and DM boots...

are there any more of you lovely souls out there finding love in long skirts and boots?

we went into burley the other day and i bought myself a new bag~i have a thing about bags i have to admit but when i saw this one last week it played on my mind, almost calling me back to buy it~its roomy enough for all the things i tend to carry around, including a book or my moleskine if i think i am going to be hanging around, soft corduroy with embroidered areas and 'hippie'~there is no other word for it and i adore it...

hippie bag and birkenstocks!


my heart has been feeling lighter too. for a few days last week i was horrid~it was my moontime so i was feeling somewhat evil anyway, but it took my swampy to tell me what an utterly grumpy old bag i was.
oh those hormones, my moontime has passed and with it the veil of the hag i had become~i need to pay a visit to sweet joe pye i think and get me some herbs!


~the sun has been shining for a few days now and this has helped raise my mood and i feel like a bubbling stream right now~i spent time in the garden yesterday and just soaked up the earths energies spiralling up~