~thank you Twiggy~

this was kindly passed on by twiggypeasticks and provided me with something to mull over

~ List the top ten things that make me happy

~ List 5 trivia things about me.

~ Share with 5 people and ask them to do the same.

~ Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person who gave it to you.


ten things that make me happy are~

1~ my swampy, we have been together for eleven years

2~ sunny days, this winter has been a long hard one and i am finding this run of sunshine wonderful

3~ reading~i generally have a few books on the go at any one time and have no problem in going back to one even after a few weeks.

4~ music~i have music playing about 90% of the time, these days mostly omnia.

5~ radio 4~i stopped listening to regular radio stations a few years ago when i started to critisize at least 99.9% of the music they play.

6~ camping~like many i started camping in a tent going to festivals in the eighties and nineties, now older and wanting more comfort (comfy bed!) we have 'pretty pagan' a fairly modern vw

7~ swimming; if there is water deep enough for swimming i am there (well, discounting a sewage works or similar of course!). i learnt to swim aged about 6-7 when my primary school here in the village had an outdoor pool built.

8~ festivals, glastonbury in particular. once upon a time, when it cost £60 for the whole weekend and you could buy tickets just by sending off a coupon in the NME...those days are long gone but i spend a lot of time at this time of year thinking whistfully back to my festival days

9~ travel, i love travelling, seeing new things, exploring and in particular mapping sacred sites, hill forts etc. i have been to hong kong, india, america, canada, france, spain, portugal and i will add scotland here despite sharing the same landmass.

10~ bedtime! it may sound silly but with m.e i become so exhausted by the end of the day and ache so much my bed is a welcome haven. i may not be mentally tired so usually turn on my little wind-up radio and listen to radio 4.

five point of trivia about me...

1~ swampy and i met online in march of 1999 and he moved down south to be with me in the may. the day he moved down was the first time we have ever met in person!

2~ flying to hong kong i had an unexpected stop over in karachi, because of fog the plane could not land in india and we spent three hours sitting on the tarmac surrounded by men holding what looked like machine guns. it felt most peculiar.

3~ while in hong kong i frequented a gay bar called the pink parrot where lots of western businessmen fratentised with young men and where,i was informed, the triads used a back room to deal business.

4~ i have OCD but not as bad as it was in my teens and twenties.

5~ writing this i have eaten my way through a half a rather large chocolate bunny!

okay so now to link to five others...actually i have a feeling this may well have reached many of you already as i have been rather lax in actually getting it done so therefore i leave it open for any of you who wish to share something of themselves...