we have had a run of wonderful, sunny, warm days here in this ancient forest.

oddly the photos i took of our travels have mysteriously vanished between transfer from camera to my laptop~so you must take my word for it~it has been glorious!

we have been putting our energies into finally finishing the garden~as with everything, it has taken time as money we could have spent on the garden was going into 'pretty pagan' or other things.

the arrival of the nice weather made me take a long hard look at our half finished patio and the pile of items needed to be taken to the tip (they are now called 're-cycling centres, i still call it the 'tip')and decided enough was enough, it had to get finished so we could actually enjoy the garden and do more with it.

so pretty pagan was lined with a large tarpulin and everything loaded up and off it went...then off to buy some slabs~lucky for us they had a sale on so we saved some money to spend on plants instead!

so the last few days have been creative~we didnt need to spend a lot on plants for we have a lot that just spring up every year around the side and front of the house and many of them can be divided. so we moved some yellow loosestrife, assorted geraniums and feverfew into the back...

***the lovely miss.r asked about the nests~we have two, one given us by my mum when we moved in and the t'other from the welsh wizard.
when cleaning the one that was nested in last year by blue tits we discovered two unhatched eggs and one dead baby, checking the welsh wizards we discovered a nest being built, we think, by blue tits or great tits, i shall keep you posted!