~its freezing~

two weeks ago i had high hopes for the weather improving

as i wrote here i could smell spring in the air, hiding just out of reach but oh so temptingly close~where has it gone?

the past few days have been freezing cold with a sharp, biting wind that makes you want to stay indoor snug and warm.

my maudlin mood has passed and i am needing to get out in the garden~i did manage to go around with my dibber in the back garden yesterday.
because it had to be completely re-worked last year (older visitors will remember the dreadful state of both house and garden when we moved in!) the flower beds are bare~no evergreen to be seen and of course no spring flowers. the only flowers are the ones we planted when we worked on codys garden.
so out i went, scarf wrapped around my neck, dibbing holes and putting in little tete a tete's, it became so cold and it was making my m.e aches and pains worse, i had to the leave the snowdrops for another day...maybe later today if it warms up.

i have also become behind with my studies, a week behind, which is far too behind for comfort for me, so i am going to have to put in some big study days over the coming week for i have an essay due in the beginning of march, another in april and in june my exam.

i just can't seem to get going...