~yule gift~

our good friend al visited today, a freezing cold winters day here in the new forest, with the most wonderful gift~which of course we had to display immediately and in the most prominant place in our room...

~the most perfect green man~

isnt it wonderful?! if you click on the first picture see if you can see another little face peeking out from the leaves~can you see it?

the photo above it of the stag is the work of our friend layton who is an amazing photographer and who has permission to 'stalk' the local new forest deer herds for his photographs~unfortuantely he does not have a website, but take it from me his work is amazing.

it is made by a very talented man and friend of al's on the craft circuit, simon coupland~
i have seen many things on his website that would also be perfect for our home!


going off on a different tangent, i thought you would like to see a photo i took of my festive hair earlier today while the light was better~

i love it so much!