~refund please?~

~oh my word~

i was expecting a lovely few days of very little, i had cleared the washing pile, vacuumed and washed the floors, presents sat under the tree and Aristophanes 'Lysistrata' had been consigned to the bookshelf for a few days and a nice glass of ginger wine was calling me...

cody had had a couple of restless nights, was bringing up foam (honest blogger!) and not eating or drinking so we ended up at our vets on christmas morning, leaving £114 lighter (all the available money we had left~broke honest blogger!)and with a dog full of antibiotics and some hydration fluid for his water bowl...

the vet thought he had picked up a bug of some kind and expect things to get back to normal in a day or two...fair enough. that night and everyone since he has slept the nights through, been keen on his walks but eaten and drunk very little, so i am expecting to be back at the vets tomorrow.

boxing day morning found me calling an ambulance for swampy~i get out of bed to find him crouched over a chair with chest pains, bad chest pains...the ambulance was there in only a few minutes and left half an hour later with not only swampy but our neighbour/friend who was having problems breathing.
her son and myself followed by car, my mum came down to babysit cody and swampy was sent home 14 hours later. they had done all kinds of tests and could find nothing and he is much better now.
consensus is the pain of his rheumatoid arthritis is causing referred pain.

yesterday we had my family to visit and that was really nice~

however today i have spent on the sofa in a fitful worried state about cody. he is usually such a bouncy, happy dog so to have him just laying around with none of his usual sparkle is filling me with utter dread~i keep going over what the vet said and reminding myself that it could take a few days for the injections to kick in...but to be honest i want them to have kicked in immediately with none of this unhappy moping...even his favorite cup of tea is not enough to tempt him...