~out of a pagan closet~

i have never 'broadcast' myself as following any particular pagan path, i have always kept any particular leanings, one way or t'other, tucked deep inside me

i have found myself wandering more and more down a certain path and recently i finally felt an invisible push to take a leap...to be more open about my path and celebrate it

its only a matter of days now until the winter solstice and since samhuinn i have been working my way thorough the perennial course in living druidry and reading emma restall-orr's 'what is druidry?', provided by the druid network~going from leaf dance moon to fire friend moon and soon, to move onto the quickening moon~a blue moon which falls on new years eve.

anyone who has read this blog for long enough will know i have had times where my spirituality tucks itself away deep inside me and there have been times when i felt as if it was gone from me forever.
but no, it would always come out from its warm hiding place, if only briefly, to remind me in small ways it was still there~to deep within me for too many years to ever leave me...

~a glimpse of the moon
~stopping to dip my hand into a brightly running stream
~walking some sacred or ancient space and being aware of the ancestors~of the feeling of being so at one with the land beneath my feet and with those who had walked here before me...

my spirituality has been as cyclical as the the turning of the wheel~over the years i have dipped into different strands of the pagan path, satisfying myself with knowledge gained,friends met, but never feeling settled, never feeling that particular path was right for me~never really feeling at home.

about two years ago i discovered the order of bards, ovates and druids and the british druid order and was introduced to the druid network by a fellow blogger.
i dug deeper and bought some books on the history of druids and finally i found druidcast ~ listening to the the music, interviews and stories it felt as if i had finally come home~things fell into place and made more sense than anything~in a way nothing has ever done in my spiritual life.

i have been creeping my way around the perennial course for some time now and listening to druidcast gave me the gentle push i needed.

i have found the work and thinking needed for the perennial course and the words from 'what is druidry?' to be really inspiring~really sparking my awen into life and bringing me such joy.

of course like anything you only get out of it what you put into it and i would say to anyone here looking for more insight into druidry to check the links i have here on this blog.

~all photos*laoi~