~my camper does not make me~

swampy and i have discussed pippin and decided its time to sell him and get ourselves something a bit more modern.

its not only recent events that have prompted this decision~we started half discussing it a few weeks ago when swampy had the diagnosis of osteoarthritis in his lower back which is also causing pain in his hips. he is already having a lot of pain when driving and so we talked about how we would work around that~the main answer to find something with power steering. swampy's health is paramount now.
i also realised that all the mechanical work he has been doing cannot be helping him and with an older vehicle that is something that has to be done.

so when he comes back from vanfest he will take apart the engine, find out exactly which bit needs replacing, replace it and then put our pippin up for sale. then when he has sold we will look for the right replacement~we have something in mind and have been doing a lot of research over the last two days.

the silly thing is i have become so attached to pippin and his quirkiness~he makes people smile and wave when we drive down the road and i almost have the feeling that letting him go will take something of me away.
i am not sure if that means a thing to you reading this~it makes sense to me...its almost as if my camper defines who i am and by having something modern and anonymous will make the essence of me disappear.
of course that is totally ridiculous...but there you go~the mind works in mysterious ways!

however i looked deeper and realised that i am not defined by what vehicle i own and that we can buy the most anonymous thing out there and make it our own, make it individual. the new camper will be much larger than pippin and of course considerably younger and have power steering~a must for swampy, more economical and so cheaper to run~all of this will mean that next year we will be able to get out and about more and travel further afield...

all of those places we have been promising ourselves the past few years will finally be able to become a reality~for years we have talked about going further afield, up to wales, the lake district and even further up to the wilds of scotland and one day ireland.
well with the new and improved camper we will be able to~so really we are opening the way for more adventures~this time in more comfort.