~waxing moon ideas~

well the dark moon has slipped by, this month my body welcomed this period of the moon with headaches and the days running up to it i was furiously working for a week to get my latest essay finished and to my tutor.

so now as she slips into waxing we enter again the time for new beginnings, new ideas, so what i ask myself will be new for me?

again i find myself thinking of time, my time and what i do with it. i find myself realising that with my studies i don't allow myself time for other things~i am so concerned with keeping ahead i do nothing else and that the day passes me by. so i have resolved to spend the mornings with my books and the afternoons free.

i want this time free for i have had a new idea, well not really a new idea, i am returning to an idea i had a few years ago and never really did anything beyond thinking about it.
well now, whats the point of ideas if i don't carry them through, i ask myself? no point at all i reply to myself.
a few years ago i registered with etsy with the aim of opening my own little etsy store...and that's as far as i went! about as useful as a chocolate fire guard don't you think?!
well the last few weeks i have been thinking about it again and thought...is it time now? yesterday i thought about it even more and i think its time.
i discussed it with swampy, because he has been working on a project for someone using the artistic skills he has and he seems to think its something we can both produce work for.
my ideas are varied but revolved around useful, interesting items.
in the past i have knitted little merino wool mobile phone and ipod holders for me and my sister, merino wool wristbands and bracelets and i have ventured into jewellery making, bag making and ceramics which i have given away to people over the years, or just kept stored away.

these have been stuffed in my knitting bag, although i made my sister a thick red wristband with a pewter dog charm attatched...

i love to make necklaces and bracelets with leather thongs and using pewter charms and beads...

my own well handled and worn ipod holder, i made a blue and grey one for my sister and a lilac mobile phone holder for her as well...

i have a few pages in my moleskine devoted to sketches of my new ideas...i just now need to bring them to life.
i am especially excited about some new jewellery ideas and cant wait to get out and buy my supplies (although typicallly, the camper has broken down and the replacement part will not be with us from france until early next week!) and i have asked swampy to get out his inks and other art supplies to make me up a few things...talk about crack the whip!

speaking of cracking the whip~time for me to get my books out!