~for me?~

a big thank you hug goes to boho mom for this award

these are the rules~copy & paste this award to your blog & list 7 of your favorite things and pass it along to at least 7 others.

~well, now my seven favorite things~

*having a secluded little garden that am slowly, with swampys help, turning into the sacred garden i have always wanted*

*laying on the sofa to watch ballykissangel and monarch of the glen with cody snuggled up on my lap!*

*going off with swampy in our little house on wheels for camping trips~we are packing up the van today for a short trip*

*swimming~but not in nasty, chemical infused pools~drop me in the sea on a sunny day and i can stay there for hours!*

*music~mainly folk music, fiddles, banjos, penny whistles and bodhrans of course! i always have music playing; on my lap top, ipod or radio. when i go to bed i always have on radio 4 which is not something i ever thought i would listen to ten years ago!*

*genealogy~i started my tree a few years ago and its addictive. i am not just interested in my family line but the social history of my ancestors and the times they lived in*

*history~of course! totally obsessed with all history*

so there you are, now i know some people i visit will have this already and passed it on, so as not to deluge people, i leave this open for anyone who wishes to join in~please tell us some of your favorite things...