Beltaine~Lá Bealtaine

for some today marks the begining of summer~the solstice a matter of weeks away~and everywhere new life is springing up, suddenly, almost with a blink of the eye i find myself surrounded by differing shades of green and the various colors of the flowers.

when we lived in bournemouth, although it was only a small city, we were surrounded by houses, hotels, shops and thinking back now i realise how little green we had around us~from our windows i could
see only few trees~i could literally count them on one hand! it was easy to lose the seasons, seasons were followed by the tourists flooding down to the beach, the arrival of the exchange students.
then we moved to dorset where we were surrounded by trees and the cycle of life became much easier to follow~

then returning to the new forest, where life is even more peaceful~no tractors going to and from the fields on our doorstep! we have no sound of passing traffic to disturb us here in our little corner so this morning i woke early to the sun streaming in the bedroom and nothing but the multitudes of birdsong coming through the open window.

so how will i spend today?
i free day~i finished my latest essay and so i am giving myself some freedom today.
the sky is now full of different shades of grey and it doesnt look as if i will see anymore blue sky and sun today~

*blessings to you this beltain~however you spend your day*