sunset finds me at my desk for another day
this mornings horizon clouds soon vanished and we had a day of clear blue skies, the single small cloud i can see now is a gorgeous apricot pink and i can feel the temperature drop.
i spent most of today on my essay~being thankful i am not my sister who is going down with a cold and has two 2000 word essays to send to her tutor by wednesday.

i spent a little time on my family tree this morning after getting an e-mail from a thread i am following on a research site, which led me to thinking about my Irish ancestors.

i have to say i think of them a lot, more than i do of my ancestors from around her. i guess it is because they are so mysterious to me. i am in touch with a few people i am related to through my Irish line but i am so...intrigued by the ones who were no longer here long before i was born.

given the time they appeared living in wales they crossed the Irish sea because of the potato famine. they were just regular folk, the men mostly being labourers but their Gaelic names are so lyrical...

ó Súilleabháin

Ó Flaitheamháin

Ó Broin

i so wish i knew much more about them...