~a day for nothing but bimbling~

...after a particularly exhausting bimble around this years new forest show

as my last bit of course work amounts to about two hours work i decided that today was a day for nothing...for 'bimbling'...this is something that cody does quite regularly, bimbling from room to room in a very aimless way.

well that's me today.
i walked into the village this morning to pick up the copy of 'Dr. Zhivago' i ordered from our little bookshop~it is a book i have promised myself to read for years and after seeing the 2002 adaption at christmas decided now was the time to read it~given i have the 8 hour or so flight on wednesday it will fill in the time nicely.
oohh but the temptation to start it now is so strong. it is sitting here on my table with a small pile of guidebooks, passport and some dollars and the urge to sit for five minutes and just read a little~a page or two~is irresistible!

i have also started some tentative packing as well~i am one of those people who always do a 'list', ticking things off as they get packed~and will spend a day getting all my clothes washed~swampy has even said he will do any ironing i need done! on top of that there is my 'to buy' list of essentials that i have to get at sweet joe pye, my nearest health foods store, in lymington~my favorite fennel toothpaste

...which reminds me, all those tv ad's for toothpaste, the warnings about enamel erosion and this that and the other~ well now i have been using this toothpaste for years and an aloe one on occaisions and i have had no dental treatment for fillings etc etc in well over 20 years~what does that say about all these new and improved toothpastes~its all guff!
sorry about that slight diversion~those adverts just bug me!

i am also transferring some albums onto my ipod...well i will when swampy shows me how, talk about techno-fear, if swampy wasnt around i would be stuck! i have even sorted out a menu for him while i am way, how good am i? or is it guilt as i am swanning off across the pond without him?!